Wandering Eyes Dispatch 4: Berlin ~ Mitte

“Schöner Berliner”          Berlin ~ Mitte, 2017



What you think to be a Calvin Klein or an Olga Tamakhina advert… Is in actuality just another beautiful Berliner looking forlorn and lost who fell prey to my camera.

I recently was in Berlin for an Eric Kim workshop and we were out shooting for the day when I happened upon this scene (which I liked). I decided to try a nice trick Eric showed us which is getting low when out doing candid pics… It works, for some reason people don’t even give you a second thought when you are well below them and just go about their business. This allowed me to snap several frames without even being given a second look. Try it next time you’re out shooting… Not only does it make you even more non-threatening, but also gives you some different compositional angles,

Technical stuff…Fujifilm Xpro2, fujinon 50mm XF f2.0 WR lens Shot at 1/420th of a second at f7.1 @1600 ISO. Lighting was overcast natural ambient lighting.

Wandering Eyes Dispatch 1 ~ Paris France



Le Belle Parisienne             Paris~ November, 2017












Bonjour…I’m Gustavo and I am a Visual Artist and wandering Street Photographer… Having absolutely no idea what I am doing… this is me attempting to create a blog for myself that’s more creative and more “me” and less Instagramerish…

As I create and edit my portraits and street photography I will hang them here as I figure out what the hell I’m doing! Please bear with me and, please feel free to add your comments and suggestions!

So… I start with this image I made last week in Paris, as I sat at a cafe and did what people do in Europe (people watch). As I was sitting there enjoying the last rays of sun that evening a beautiful Parisian walked right into my frame and lens… I snapped her image as the last glow of the sun backlit her hair… ¡Merci Madame!