Wandering Eyes Dispatch 5: San Francisco ~ Mission District

Meet Marlon… He’s one cool cat living on these Streets of San Francisco Mission District. An ex Vet and artist who may not have much but is keeping it real with his King Cobra, a smile, a great attitude, and the ability to be here in the “now”…

I’ve been into photography since my mom bought me a Kodak 110 Insta-Matic camera back in the 70’s and encouraged me to take pictures (she would get them developed for me at the pharmacy). Since those days of my photographic infancy I’ve been into photography in a lot of different forms and formats…. Many things have changed for me along the way, but the one common constant thread for me is that I truly love to photograph people!… and capturing the essence of that person for me is the definition of success in a photographic image.

Street photography and portraiture is for me the most zen way of being present in the “now” like nothing else… Slowing down, observing everything, waiting and watching for moments… and maybe just maybe if we’re lucky capturing that very essence of humans and humanity.

I’m Gustavo, and I’m an introvert… But getting out there on the streets, approaching, and photographing strangers and humanity in general is teaching me to think more outside my box, to come out of that net of safety and anonymity… To be more open, more confident, more present, and more here “NOW”…

Technical stuff… Fuji Xpro2, Fujinon 35mm XF f2 WR lens, Shot at 1/350th of a second at f11 @1600 ISO. Lighting was clear, sunny natural ambient lighting.


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